Property Surveys & Reports

We offer the following property surveys, reports and valuations:

Private Valuation: A current market appraisal
Homebuyers Survey: A more in depth survey on the current condition of the property
Building Survey: A structural survey on the condition and recommended repair items of the property
RICS Condition Report: Similar to a homebuyers survey, a condition report details the current condition of a property

Choosing the Right Survey

To assist you in choosing the right survey for your requirements, here are some examples with an idea of prices:

Case Study 1 – Private Valuation

You are thinking of selling your house but are not sure what it will be valued at based on the current economic and market forces. A straight forward Private Valuation can be carried out for your own purpose. The cost for this service ranges in accordance to the value of the property. For example, for a property valued at £200,000 the mortgage valuation costs around £250 plus VAT.

Case Study 2 – Homebuyer Survey

You’ve found a property that you would like to purchase but don’t want any ‘surprises’ after purchasing the property. We would recommend a RICS Homebuyer Survey if the property is less than 20 years old. For older properties we would recommend a Building Survey, which confirms the condition and structure of the building, together with a list of repair items and recommendations for future repair. Our fees for a Homebuyers Survey start at £400 plus VAT for a property valued at £250,000.

Case Study 3 – Building Survey

You are interested in buying a property but know from its condition that work has to be carried out and there could be structural problems, possibly based on cracks you have noticed in the wall/render. Alternatively the property maybe listed and/or period, in such cases specialist work maybe required involving a Chartered Building Surveyor. Generally this type of survey is a lot more detailed and goes some way to analysing the type of work and potential costs and specialist contractors who carry out this type of work. In this instance we tend to quote for a bespoke survey which can cost as little as £600 plus VAT based on the value of the property.

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